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Bullish on Toro Wines New recipes

Bullish on Toro Wines

Toro is one foreign wine whose name you won’t have any trouble remembering or pronouncing.It is a wine region – not a brand – in the northwest of Spain and is the last major wine appellation along the Duero River before it rushes through the mountains into Portugal where it becomes the Douro.The name “Toro” should let you know the kind of wine it produces — almost all big, burly, yet sophisticated red table wines — although Toro does make some whites and rosés.

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Easy Garden Omelet New recipes

Easy Garden Omelet

Diced tomatoes and zucchini pair up with fresh-from-the-garden basil in this classic summer egg dish.MORE+LESS-1/4cup diced zucchini and yellow squash (total)2tablespoons grape tomatoes, quarteredFew leaves of fresh basil, sliced thinSalt and pepper, to tasteHide Images1Whisk the 2 eggs together in a bowl until the yolks are broken and combined with the whites.

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Rainbow Ice Cubes New recipes

Rainbow Ice Cubes

Colorful rainbow ice cubes turn regular drinks into a fun party idea! MORE+LESS-Liquid food coloring, any color, either regular or neon colorsHide Images1Add food coloring to water in a glass measuring pitcher (or other clear glass container) one drop at a time until you get the color you want. Mix food colors to make custom hues, if desired.

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Homemade Root Beer Traditional recipes

Homemade Root Beer

Prep 15minTotal72hr0minServings2Follow these easy steps to enjoy your own homemade, foamy and delicious root beer.MORE+LESS-ByTBSP NateUpdated June 17, 2015Ingredients1tablespoon root beer extractBaker& 39;s yeast (such as Fleischmann& 39;s Active Dry Yeast)2liter plastic bottle (don’t forget the cap!

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The Most Popular Beers by State Slideshow New recipes

The Most Popular Beers by State Slideshow

Beer is enjoyed by many throughout the country; here are the favorites by stateThese are the most popular beers by state.Alabama — Bud LightDrew Angerer/Getty Images/The Daily Meal(Best seller: Bud Light) Beer is no stranger to our Alabamian friends. Their favorite brand-name beer is none other than Bud Light, which is readily available across the state.

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Cauliflower bread New recipes

Cauliflower bread

The cauliflower is unwrapped, the bouquets are washed under a stream of cold water. Meanwhile, boil water with a little salt in a large bowl. When the water boils, put the cauliflower bunches and boil for approx. 10 minutes, enough to be crispy. Take them out in a strainer and put them under a stream of cold water. Meanwhile, beat the eggs vigorously, add the milk and flour in the rain, stirring vigorously so as not to form lumps and obtain a dough like that of pancakes.

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